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Concert on Monte Tamaro – Santa Maria Degli Angeli

17. oktober 2022
13:30 - 14:15

Santa Maria Degli Angeli, Monte Tamaro

A Memorable Concert with Young Angelic Voices

Theme: Repertoire depends on weather, audience and atmospfere

Composers: Well-known international chuch and popular music

Entrance: Free

Doors opening: 13:00




In about 1.500 meters a.s.l. the audience will meet 30 fantastic young singers and their brilliant conductor, Ms. Cille Buch. The choir will show a small bite of a strong and moving Danish choir tradition when presenting a repertoire with a mix of Latin, Scandinavian and European pieces. The girls knows the notes by heart and perform with a confident and discrete choreography that matches the acoustics and architecture of the church.

The Danish Girls’ Choir of Fredensborg Chapel is one of the best church choirs in Denmark. Our choir delivers pure angelic sound for Sunday services, christenings, and weddings. The choir has a close association with the Danish Royal Family, as our patron is HRH Princess Benedikte.

We promise a moving and intimate musical experience out of the ordinary.

Read more about the choir.