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The Danish Girls' Choir of Fredensborg Chapel is permanently employed as church singers in both Asminderød Church and Fredensborg Palace Chapel. A position that we are very proud of. As church singers we attend to an important job and work in close collaboration and form a team with the priest, the organist and the verger.

People often inquire about when we are singing. As a general rule, you can count on us to sing at ALL church services and mass in both churches during the weekends. 

When there is a high mass in Fredensborg Palace Church – normally about once a month – the ENTIRE choir with conductor is present, and the choir will usually perform one or two extra pieces of the season. We make an efford to ensure that especially the important holidays like Allehelgen, Easter, Pentecost and Christmas are amplified and celebrated through the music.


Our two beautiful workplaces

Fredensborg Palace Church (Photo: Jane Dalsgaard)
Asminderød Kirke - Nyt foto
Asminderød Church (Photo: Keld Nauntoft)