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As of January the 1st 2023 our management team consist of two strong-minded women well versed in the Danish music scene.

In a well-established and trustful work relation, knowing each other way back from their student years at the The Royal Academy of Music, Cille and Monica are both dedicated to providing the best settings for the young singers to thrive. Working with teenagers, they attach importance to a safe and confident environment, but with an identifiable firm and ambitious structure. They aim to care for the individual requirement of each singer and to treat the singers with respect.

Conductor and responsible leader

Cille Buch

Cille Buch has the musical and artistic responsibility of the choir. She trained as a soloist and singing teacher from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2011.

She works as a singing teacher and coach for other conductors and choirs, but can also be experienced in opera productions and concerts around Denmark.

In addition to her role as head of The Danish Girls' Choir of Fredensborg Chapel, Cille is head of North Zealand Choir School, where she teaches The Youth Choir of North Zealand and The Junior Choir of North Zealand. As a former voice-responsible singing teacher for the Danish DR Girls' Choir for 12 years, we have a very experienced conductor at the helm.


Monica Nørgård Stevns

Monica is the Jack-of-all-trades and the right hand of Cille. She takes care of communications, social media, press, marketing and planning of the choir activities.

Monica started her musical training in a girls choir herself and has since persued a career as a professional singer. She holds a diploma from the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Allongside her position with The Danish Choir of Fredensborg Chapel, she works as freelance soloist.

Parallel to working as a professional classical singer, Monica has been a part of the workspace ‘BLOXHUB’ as an administrative assistant. Over time she began to take an interest in working behind the scenes to help build possibilities around young singers for them to grow their talent. With the experience from several professional vocalensembles, Monica can draw on her inside knowledge to aid and support the further consolidation on The Danish Girls Choir of Fredensborg Chapel.

Want to hear more about the choir?

Contact Cille
+ 45 6029 3860

Contact Monica
+ 45 2627 1986

"The body must carry the voice
– The soul the message"

Community and individuality

To sing in a choir is to enter into a community where music is the focal point and the love that binds us together. A choir community is special because no one can hide when singing. Singing is the most honest form of communication that exists between people.

When you sing in a choir, you are not alone, you have a place where everyone has chosen to come, to develop, express and unfold musically. To develop the strongest possible choir, it requires strong singers with expressiveness and courage. The singers' individual expressions and biases give the choir edge and impact.

Singing so that you meet your audience requires a strong physique and open access to your emotional register.

Thanks for a nice testimonial from a parent!

"It is with a bleeding heart that you are going to sing our daughter out of the choir today. It's probably been the hardest decision for her ever. 

As a mother, I am so sad that she is leaving the choir, and I just want to say thank you very much for some incredibly lovely and rewarding years, which have been filled with the most wonderful musical experiences ❤️. And thank you for the education, discipline and amazing teaching that she has received along the way. It has been so rewarding for her to be part of the choir – not least socially. Everything has strengthened her as a person and I'm so proud of that. 

Thank you for taking such good care of our daughter. It's been a pleasure to be on the sidelines all the way."